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Eaton Club

5/F Champion Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong

As part of our commitment to bring you a fresh, unique private markets educational event, we have chosen a stylish venue to create a high-quality environment with the right ambiance for the exclusive, creative feel of Outperform Asia. The right surroundings are critical when meeting new business connections, engaging in ‘lightbulb’ moment dialogues and networking.  Outperform Asia is there to help you do business and feel engaged and to do this an engaging, exciting venue is vital.

Eaton Club is centrally located in the heart of Central and the perfect location for easy access from your office or hotel in Central Hong Kong. Occupying a rooftop view of the city, inspiration is definitely on the cards! The ethos of the Eaton Club is a space “that connects you to a global citizen community, where aspiring game changers belong” and is therefore a perfect fit for an interactive, inspiring experience at Outperform Asia.

We will create a fresh new approach in the layout of the space to ensure networking space for meetings and impromptu catch-ups at all times for all attendees. The programme sessions will be fitted out to ensure all attendees are involved and participate in the inspiring discussions on offer and most of all, part of the debate.

Outperform Asia creates a hub of discussion and networking in a fun, efficient and effective environment.

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Eaton House
Eaton House
Eaton House