Outperform Asia is an event by the PE community, with the PE community, for the PE community.  Central to our vision is to foster a genuine community of senior LPs & GPs in Asian private markets investing, where relationships can be cultivated and insights shared.  To this end our influential Asset Allocator Ambassador committee comprises Asian focused and global LPs with over $50bn under management.  Each of them combines deep industry knowledge in Asia, a proven track-record and networks that span the universe of GPs and LPs.  We have worked closely with them to identify the obstacles you face, the trends that are shaping the future, and the tools you need to outperform. These LPs are central to our educational, exclusive approach and are heavily involved in making sure that the event has the right senior professionals attending for optimum engagement. 


The speaker faculty will share their experiences and insights with the Outperform Asia community. There will be no marketing or sales pitches. This is the private markets event where the industry comes together to shape the dialogue and future of investing in Asia. With the advice of the Outperform Ambassadors and our in-depth industry research we have invited the who’s who of Asia to start a dialogue with you. The speakers’ role is to start the dialogue and create those light bulb moments with you, the Outperform Community. Our speaker faculty is focused on quality private markets professionals to engage and inform in our exclusive forum.

We pride ourselves on gathering the most senior, diverse and high profile LP/GP speaker faculty in the region. As per our 100% curated approach throughout the event, our speakers are LP majority and aligned with our educational approach for true industry dialogue. We draw on our global network of LPs & GPs for a senior, exclusive forum for our LP & GP members. 

We are pleased to have the support of our LP Ambassador Committee which is comprised of global LPs with deep experience in Asian private markets, their support and involvement is vital to our content-driven industry focused programme. We are pleased to work with Brian Lim, Pantheon; Sherry Lin, Willett Advisors; Min Ong, Caledonia Investments; Marcus Simpson, ex QIC; Xiaomin Mou, IFC; Ed Grefenstette, The Dietrich Foundation