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+44 (0)203 637 6623

An innovative event for the private markets industry in Asia
26 September 2017, Hong Kong

75% invite-only
75 LPs & 50 GPs

Interactive sessions eg. think-tanks, scenarios
Outperform Analysis

4 hours dedicated to networking
One to one meetings for all attendees

Just some of the LP & GP attendees

Meet the Outperform Asia 2017 speakers

The Outperform Asia 2017 programme provides you with unique formats and engaging sessions to provide real educational value in just one day. The speakers have been chosen for their deep experience in their respective fields and for their candour to provide you with an engaging, thought-provoking event. We cherry-pick our speaker faculty for the most senior LPs and GPs for true engagement in our trusted forum. Our focus on what matters is who you meet promises only the highest quality on every level. A selection of the senior speakers at the event include:

Yibing Wu
Yibing Wu
Joint Head, Portfolio Strategy & Risk Group & China
Jon Nieman
Jonathan Nieman
Head of Private Equity & Co-Head of Private Markets
Saudi Aramco Pension Fund
Andy Yan
Andrew Yan
Managing Partner
SAIF Partners
Jeffrey Li
Managing Partner
Yar-Ping Soo
Yar-Ping Soo
Adams Street Partners
Shirish Saraf
Shirish Saraf
Founder & Vice Chairman
Samena Capital
Konnin Tam
Konnin Tam
MD, AIMS Private Equity Group
Goldman Sachs & Co
Tim Dattels
Tim Dattels
Managing Partner
TPG Capital Asia
Dan Parker
Dan Parker
Deputy CIO
Texas Tech University

Are you going to Outperform?

I am excited to participate in this outstanding concept that I believe the industry needs and most importantly, will help improve the connectivity amongst private asset professionals globally.

Nirav Kachalia
Canopy Group

Founder, Sarah Startup shares her strategy & vision for Outperform Group

Gold Partners

Samena Capital

Knowledge Platform Partner

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Supporting Partners

Centre for Asia Private Equity Research

I am excited by Outperform Asia’s fresh, exclusive, invite-only approach for a smaller, community-focused event to better serve the industry. I’m looking forward to attending in September.

Vinnie Lauria
Golden Gate Ventures