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The one-day private markets’ event delivering exclusive, candid knowledge & direct connections for LPs & GPs only

24 September 2019, Hong Kong

75 LPs & 50 GPs
Curated, senior attendees
Private – no press, media or service providers

Industry topics not normally discussed 
Outperform Analysis bimonthly
Uniquely interactive throughout the day

3 hours focused networking with engagement
LP/GP meetings; Outperform Connect

Outperform Asia 2019 LP & GP attendees

The Outperform Asia Annual Interview

Outperform Asia LP Ambassador Committee

Outperform Asia delivers a private markets’ LP & GP event with a difference. We focus on deep educational value and personalised networking through our wholly curated, senior and quality driven approach. Central to our exclusive industry-led experience, is our LP Ambassador Committee who help to shape the theme, topics, speakers and attendees. As part of the Outperform speaker faculty, our LP committee have been chosen for their deep experience in their respective fields and for their candour to provide you with an engaging, thought-provoking event. Our content-driven programme delves into topics which are not normally discussed at events, thus providing a true pulse of the private markets’ industry from the most senior LPs & GPs.

We are delighted to profile our 2019 LP Ambassador Committee featuring six senior, experienced female investors:

Sherry Lin
Head of Global Venture & Asia
Willett Advisors
Jie Gong
Min Ong
Min Ong
Investment Director
Caledonia Investments
Shirley Ma
Managing Director
Alison Nankivell
Alison Nankivell
VP, Global Expansion
BDC Capital
Xiaomin Mou
Senior Investment Officer

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I am excited by Outperform Asia’s fresh, exclusive, invite-only approach for a smaller, community-focused event to better serve the industry. I’m looking forward to attending in September.

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Golden Gate Ventures

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Centre for Asia Private Equity Research

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